Monday, January 9, 2012

My 2012 theme song choice.

See, I tried to tell Layne that things like this can't be rushed. Your theme song finds you. I actually have two for this year. Yes, that's allowed. I have an "I want to know that I'm okay, but not really in the mood to rock it" theme song, and an "I'm seriously gonna kick your face in if you mess with me cause I know who I am" theme song.

So here's my first. Of course, it's Snow Patrol. Cause I love me some Gary.

Sometimes we can feel so trapped in our lives. We like to blame it on the people around us, but ultimately it's our own choices, fears, inhibitions, insecurities etc...that keep us trapped. And sometimes we start to believe that this is all we are. Fear, weakness, loneliness. But we need to remember that we are so much more. We are hope and light and dreams and goodness and divinity. That we can love and have happiness. That we should never give up the fight to reach our desires.

And the second, Miss Kelly Clarkson. Who I love and adore. She's fabulous. She's who she is. She's comfortable with who she is no matter what anyone thinks. I think that's amazing. I hope for the day when I can do that.

This song gives me strength to take the punches and still punch back. I love it. It reminds me that I can't define myself through another. I have to know who I am and anything else in my life accentuates that, makes me better than I am alone, but doesn't define me. I'm the little black dress. They're the hot stilettos and Prada scarf. Classic alone. Amazing together. I'm still alive so that must mean I'm stronger.

In 2012, my only resolution is to stand a little taller. Shouldn't be too hard. Right?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

No, He was not born on Yo Gabba Gabba

My children do not believe that I know anything. I'm actually ok with that, its age appropriate behavior. We try to raise them to be independant people- they need to be confident and stand up for what they believe.

Here's the exception- I'm yo mamma mamma...

Don't argue with me when I know I'm right. I totally know how to use the internet. I will prove you wrong. Every time.

and I'll always be way cooler than Super Robot Martian Girl.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Theme Songs

Layne keeps nagging me to do a theme song post. I told her that I was in no mood to do a theme song post yet and that I'll do it in a couple of weeks when my throat doesn't feel like it's had a lobotomy and I'm not so cranky and tired and woe is me feeling. But she just keeps on, so I told her I was gonna post this song for my theme song.

She told me to stop being so dramatic. I told her to suck it.

The end.