Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And so it goes...

I thought it would be kind of fun to give you a musical rundown of sorts of mine and Patrick's time together. It has been a bit tumultuous at times, but I guess that's the beauty of relationships. Oddly enough, I have to give Facebook the credit for us being where we are today. Even though we had met before through mutual friends, that was where our relationship was fostered. It started out like this...

And I responded with "I'll hold your Coors Light on the back of your motorcycle while wearing a Utah hoodie and singing Chris Ledoux songs." Apparently that was all the sign he needed. But I still wasn't convinced. So, I said...

Well, he proved me wrong. The more time we spent together the better it was. And the beautiful thing was that we didn't have to be doing anything at all. Just being together was enough. I'm pretty sure there aren't words in the English language that could express how we felt about each other anyway.

Then next thing I knew...BAM...I was all smitten and stuff. I think it was the drunken text telling me that he loved me for the first time that won me over. Or maybe it was him telling me that he loves the way I love him. Or that I mean the world to him. Or any of the million other amazing things he does for me on a regular basis.

We have had a rough go of it at times. But we never give up on each other. We never let the other walk away. And I don't believe we've ever gone to bed mad. We always try to make it right. And that's difficult at times, seeing as we are probably the two most stubborn people on the planet. But what we have is real. And you don't walk away from that.

So, here we are now. We've made it through more in a short period of time than most people do in a lifetime. Divorce, illness, fights, kids, personal baggage and so much more. Yet, we're still standing...together. We've overcome so much and I know that we can endure anything together. As long as we have each other to give each other strength and love, to be each others beacon of hope and light for the future, to be each others greatest cheerleader and support, I know that we'll be together for at least a thousand years. And I'll love you even longer than that.

I love you, Smooshie. Happy Valentines Day.

I heart u. Like, forever and stuff.

Not the original version of this song, but a rare gem none the less. The raw emotion of this song is palpable.

This is a love song to stand the test of time. If you don't feel anything, you've obviously never been in love.

It's totally saxy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My favorite songs for the week.

I actually have a few posts brewing, but I wanted to get this one out there just because I love the songs so much. I'm seriously loving Gotye. If you haven't heard, then you need to google. He's fabuloso. I haven't decided who I think I relate too in this song. I think it's both of them. I just love it. Him: We try to convince ourselves that we're happy with someone because we think it's the right thing to do. And when we finally get the strength to let go, we want everyone to be happy about it. It doesn't work that way. Someone always feels shafted. Only crazy people actually get to throw parties when they split. Or really, really healthy people. Her: You just have to cut it off completely. You shouldn't have to take the crap of another person. You shouldn't have to live as "second best" or in the shadow of someone else. I love it. And quite frankly, it doesn't bother me that the two people that have caused me to be able to relate I get to consider as people I used to know. See ya suckas.

I just love M83. They make me happy and they make me want to run really fast. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is the new song from the new album, Hurry up. We're dreaming. So friggin' good. That's all I need to say.

Midnight City...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm super late...

I haven't been inspired yet this year as far as music goes... It makes me a little bit sad because I live for good music. It's been bothering me that I have not chosen an theme song for 2012. I am usually totally on top of this crap, but this year was a little more difficult. I pushed Stacy and nagged her to death; then I couldnt find one of my own...Figures.

Then- miraculously- something happened. While shuttling my children back and forth and spending pretty much 6 hours getting in to and out of a car; a song came on that struck me and I knew immediately that this was it. I was shocked because this isn't a song that I would normally pick. It isn't by a group I particualry love. They're ok for sure, but they aren't really that remarkable to me. But this is a happy, hopeful and totally positive song.

I have discovered that I have "friends" who really get bugged when I'm happy and positive all the time. I don't give a damn. I was under the impression that when you care about someone, their happiness was important to you... whatever. I am happy. I love my life. If you can't handle that, then maybe you don't belong there anymore.

With that said- I present to you my theme song for 2012: