Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Useless Knowledge...

Excessive Diarrhea: It may be the first sign of Ebola virus infection. If so, the severity of this condition will quickly escalate, and within a few days every orifice on your body will be gushing blood profusely.

I don't want to die this way.

That is all.

Monday, June 27, 2011

They're Baaaaaaaack.... Spankin' new music from The Killers- The Rising Tide

So here's a new song from my boys... This was recorded in London just last week. There are rumors that they are recording the new album as we speak.

I'm trying to be biased here, but it's difficult for me to criticize my boys. My hubby heard this and he thought Brandon was off his game a bit...I think Mikey's just jealous. I like the song. As usual, the lyrics are yummy. the music is yummy.

I was there, on the back of the room, when you testified
When you took the stand, you licked your lips, and you lied...
Well I gotta belive there's something on my side
When the venom in your veins is satisfied
You'll be running, but there ain't no where to hide

oh yeah, babe. you do NOT mess with B Flow.

I really don't have a lot to say here... which is weird cuz I always have a lot to say when it comes to my favorite boys. I'm proud of the stuff they've done on their well deserved hiatus, Ronnie finished his degree, the guys played music, some solo, some collaborations- and hopefully they spent time with the people they needed to and got lots of rest...
I am eagerly awaiting the new album. With an new album comes a new tour. Me and my girls need a hot night out. This time I will wear comfy shoes. and possibly even eat. who knows- maybe something magical will happen.

So tell me- what do you think?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

wow. that went by fast...

It has been brought to my attention that this year, the Go-Go's celebrate the 30th anniversary of thier debut album Beauty and the Beat. 30 years is a lonnnnnnng time. 'Tis no secret that I love girls that can kick some hiney and these girls can certainly do that. They are revolutionaries who paved the way for women to rule in the world of rock and roll. Needless to say, they deserve a little attention and a lotta respect....Here's a tribute to some ladies who I happen to think are amazing. and plus, they sing good. Also- Belinda- if you're reading this, my brother in law Kevin in totally in love with you and has been for about 30 years. Give him a wink or somethin', will ya?

Here's a song that is an autobiography of sorts...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quite Possibly The Best Weekend Welcome Song EVER!!!!!!

And if you have Loverboy running through your head right now you need serious help and should probably be shoot and put out of your misery. Cause Loverboy ain't got nothing on Moz! Nothing I tell you.

No one can say "Boot the grime of this world in the crotch dear" with such feeling and intensity as Morrissey. They shouldn't even try. And I don't believe any ever has.

So my advice to all the weekenders...Don't go home tonight. Go out and find the one that you love and who loves you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"If there's a burning in your heart."

I love music. I love lyrics and I love it when I find a song that touches me and gives me answers to things that I'm dealing with. Well, this song came to me like a light from the darkness the other day. Change is so hard. And it's so hard to know if you're doing the right thing because there are so many outcomes that can come from one decision. Especially when it's not just yourself, and others are affected by your choices. I guess that's the beauty and scary part of agency. But I think the time has to come when you just take a leap of faith. Overcome your fears and just jump. Remember that the ones that truly love you will be there with open arms to catch you. Or at least break the fall a bit.

And if you find yourself a tourist in the city you were born, it's time to go. And you find your destination with so many different places to call home. Cos' when you find yourself the villain in the story that you've written it's plain to see. That sometimes the best of intentions are in need of redemptions, Would you agree?

If so, please show me.